Extension Activities : NSS

Suri Vidyasagar College has three NSS units Unit-I, Unit – II and Unit-III. The three efficient programme officers are Prof. Pankaj Roy, Shri Tapas Dutta and Shri Saten Kumar Ghosh. Nearly two hundred students are enrolled as NSS —- at present. The three NSS units bring our college closer to the society. Knowledge and action are combined together through the activities of the volunteers which promote community development. It also helps building the personalities of the volunteers through community service.

The NSS unit of our college has the linkage with the health department, Govt. of WB, District Legal Cell , Red-Cross Society, Blood –Bank Society, TITLI & BIRDS (NGO’s) etc. The NSS volunteers of our college serve the people outside the campus engaging themeselves in the development programme.

At the beginning of the calendar year the assignment for each unit is specifically defined, all aspects and projects has been explained so that they can associate themselves with these projects whole heartedly.

Before starting each academic session our college convenes the meeting of NSS advisory committee for a clear planning of the proposed work to be undertaken. Apart from planning, the reviews of the previous year’s activities are done and also the outstanding volunteers (one boy and one girl student) are recognized by awarding them with special certificates by the Arun Sen Memorial Foundation.


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