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Class suspension during SEM-II Examination, 2023


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College will remain closed on and from 06th July to 8th July, 2023

SVC Admission Intake 2023-24

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BU Notification on UG Admission 2023-24

Holiday on 29.06.2023

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SEM-II Class, 2023

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Essay Competition -G20 Initiative

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Hard copy submission for OASIS and SVMCM Scholarship 2022-23

Notice for Kanyashree Application

I Card Distribution for SEM-I 2022

SEM I Registration-Form Fillup 2022

Notice for Spl Class and Holiday on 14.02.2023

SEM III Form Fillup Last Chance

SEM I Supplementary Internal Exam 2022

Revised Programme for UG SEM-III Exam 2022

Centre List for UG SEM-III Exam 2022

Notice for collection of Admit SEM-III Exam 2022

Class suspension notice during SEM-V Exam

Quotation Notice for Zoology Dept.

Notice for SEM -5

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Programme for SEM-V (Hons &Gen) Exam-2022

Arrangements of seats for SEM_V Exam-2022

Internal Exam 2022-23 

Modification in UG Regulation 2022-23

Final Reopening of UG Registration 2022-23

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Notice for 1st SEM-2022 students

Girls' Hostel admission notice including application form

Anti ragging affidavit format

Prak Saradiya Cultural Event "Kristi"

Quotation notice for renovation of Guard wall

Quotation Notice for Casting Pillar 20_09_2022

Quotation notice for Trimming 20_09_2022

Quotation Notice for fencing 20_09_2022

Quotation Notice 20_09_2022

New Timeline for UG Admission-2022 (for waiting list candidates)

2nd Phase UG Admission to 1st Semester 2022

Quotation Notice

Admission in N.C.C. - 2022-23

2nd Timeline for Admission in UG Courses-2022

Timeline for Admission in UG Courses-2022

SEM-II PEDG_question Exam 2022 (available at 9:30 AM)

Minimum Eligibility Criteria & Ranking for Admission 2022-23

Updated Board/Council/University list approved for admission 2022-23

UG B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Hons./Gen) Admission-2022-23

Information on Availability of SEM-II Exam-2022 Admit Card

Email IDs for submission of SEM-II Exam -2022 Answerscripts

Re-opening of Web Portal for SEM-II Form Fillup

Corrigendum for Programme of UG SEM II Exam-2022

Programme for SEM-2 Examination-2022

Norms to submit AECC2 Paper of SEM-2 Exam 2022

NSOU PCP PGEG Paper III 2022 Class

Corrected Question Paper for Bengali SEC-2 Paper Exam-2022

Email IDs for submission of Answesripts of SEM-IV Examination_2022

Re-opening of Web Portal for SEM IV Form Fill Up Exam-2022

Programme for UG SEM IV Exam-2022

Correction in Paper name for History (Hons & Gen) and Email ID for Part III Exam 2022

Email_IDs for receiving Answer Scripts of UG SEM VI Exam2022

Part-III Admit_Card_2022

Re-opening of Web Portal for UG SEM-VI form fill up on 18.06.2022

Semester -IV exam form fillup -2022 Notice
Programme for UG Part III Exam-2022

Programme for UG SEM VI (Hons & Genl) Exam- 2022

Front Page of UG CBCS SEM II, IV & VI Exam-2022

Summer Recess-2022

EVEN SEMESTER EXAM -2022 Modalities  

National Academic Depository_Contact


WBCS Preliminary Free Coaching at Employent Exachange, SURI

Offline classes from 10.05.2022

Normal Functioning of College from 10.05.2022

Celebration of Rabindrajayanti-2022

Awareness Camp on Thallassaemia

PGEG Classes of NSOU


Revised Programme Schedule of UG SEM-I Exam, 2021

SEM1 Admit3(Form Fillup on 14&15 March)-2021

SEM1 Admit2(Form Fillup on 14&15 March)-2021

SEM1 Admit (Form fillup on 14 &15 March)-2021

UG SEM-I EXAM 2021 Form Fillup Notice

Temporary Postponment of UG SEM I Exam 2021

Email IDs for SEM I Exam 2021

Form Fill up SEM-I, 2021 (Last Chance)

Revised Programme of UG SEM -I, 2021

Programme of UG SEM I, Dec. 2021

Reopening of University Portal for Registration 2021-22

SEM III Admit (Form fill up on 08.02.2022)

Revised Programme of UG SEM III Exam 2021

Corrected Email Id for Answer Scripts of SEM III Exam, 2021

Email Ids for Answer Scripts of UG SEM III Exam,2021


Revised Schedule for SEM III Gen. Exam 2021

Notice for Additional Holidays

Notice of Reopening offline classes

Form Fill Up of SEM I Exam, Dec. 2021

Revised Programme for UG SEM III Exam 2021

Revised Programme for UG SEM V Exam 2021

SVMCM Scholarship Notice

Admit Card of SEM V 2021 (Form fill up on 24.01.2022)

Corrigendum Notice for Email Ids of Sanskrit Hons.

Front Page Answer Sript of UG CBCS Exam 2021

Email Ids for Answer Script Submission SEM V Exam DEC. 2021

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BA Hons

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BA Pass

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BSH

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BSP

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BCH

Admit Card of SEM V Exam 2021 BCP

Corrigendum in Schedule for UG SEM V Exam,2021

SEC I subjects for SEM III Examination

Semester III Form Fill up Dec. 2021

Schedule for UG Semester V Exam  DEC. 2021

Notice for Form Fill Up of SEMESTER V, DEC. 2021

Notice regarding recent spreading of COVID 19 and Omicron

Last Chance for Registration in 1st SEM 2021-22  (Last date 24.12.2021) 

Notice inviting Quotation for Plant Protection Dept.

Distribution of Registration Certificate of 2020-21 (Day Shift)

Extension of date of Registration Cum Enrollment for Ist SEM

List of Candidates for Admission in Girls Hostel

Registration Cum Enrolment Notice

Offline Class Schedule

Final Cycle Admission Notice 1

Final Cycle Admission Notice 2

Hard Copy submission for SC/ST/OBC stipend (OASIS) for 1st Semester 2021

Generic/General Subject Change for 1st Semester 2021

Holidays during  Puja Vacation

SEMESTER V EXAM 2021 Grade Card Distribution

SEM I Admission 3rd Cycle 2021-22

Links for Classes of Morning Shift of Semester I, 2021

Links for Classes of Day Shift & Commerce of Semester I, 2021

Admission Notice 7 for UG 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination Camp for College Students

SVC COVID Vaccination DCF (For Students)

COVID Vaccine DCF (for Students)

Grade Card/Marksheet Distribution

2nd Cycle Admission Notice UG 2021

Admission Notice for SEM I 2021

Form fill up of SEM II & IV Exam 2021

Grade Card Distribution

Online Class Notice for SEM III & V 2021-22

Revised Timeline For  Admission of 1st Semester ,UG Courses (Session 2021 to 2022 )

Admission SEMESTER-I,2021

Notice for General Course Students with History

Modalities for SEM-II & SEM- IV Exam, 2021

PNC & SNC Cleared Marksheet 2020 and others

SEM II Final Form Fill Up Exam 2021

Admission Notice SEM I 2021-22

Question paper Download for SemVI and Part-III Exam

Front Page for UG Examination

Notice for Form Fill up of Part III (Old) Exam 2021

Admission Notice 2 UG SEM I 2021-22 

Admission UG SEM I 2021-22

Notice for Form Fillup of SEM II Exam 2021

Notice for Distribution of Certificate

Notice for Form Fillup SEM-IV Exam,2021

Registration Form for YEP of TCS

Placement TCS CSR

Notice on Placement Assistance 

Notice for Form Fillup SEM-VI & Part-III Exam, 2021

Notification of Holiday on 01.07.2021

Students Seminar 2020-21 

Tentative Time Schedule for UG Exam.,2021

Result of SEM -III Dec.,2020 Published. Click on Result.

Result of SEM-V Dec., 2020 Published. Click on Result.

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