Staff Feedback

1. Syllabus is suitable to the course

2. Aims and objectives of the syllabi are well-defined and clear to teachers and students

3. The library is enriched with sufficient number of latest reference/textbooks/journals as per syllabus

4. Separate space for Teachers in College library is adequate

5. The course/syllabus has good balance between theory and applications

6. The course/programme of studies carries sufficient number of optional papers

7. Teachers have the freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of teaching and evaluation such as seminar presentations, group discussions and learners' participations

8. The Teachers are encouraged to organize and participate in seminars/workshops/conference

9. The environment in the college is conducive to teaching and research

10. The college provides adequate and smooth support for projects and research facilities

11. Infrastructural facilities, such as Teachers' rooms, class rooms and toilets are adequate in the College

12. The admission process followed by college is active and transparent

13. Provisions for professional development are non-discriminatory and fair

14. The Non-teaching Staff are cooperative

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