UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project Completed from 2007 to 2013:

Arts Dept :

1. Dr, Bikash Ch Pal, Dept. of Bengali

2. Shri Sourav Chakraborty, Dept. of English

3. Dr. Amiya Kr. Ghosh, Dept. of History

4. Shri Subrata Gupta, Dept. of Pol.Science

Science Dept:

5. Dr. Krishna Roy , Dept. of Physiology

6. Dr. Amal Pari, Dept of Physiology

7. Dr. Samiran Kundu, Dept. of Botany

8 . Dr.Sandipan Chatterjee & Amrita Chatterjee, Dept. of Microbiology

Commerce Dept.:

9. Dr. Koushik Kr. Dutta, Dept. of Commerce, Sponsored by UGC

Ongoing UGC Sponsored Minor Research Project: (2013-15)

10. Shri Debabrata Saha, Dept of Chemistry, Sanction Amount Rs. 1,79,000.00 only (for 2013 -15)

11. Shri Uttam Kumar Sen, Dept. of Zoology, Sanction Amount Rs. 2,70,000.00 only (for 2014 -16)

Ongoing DST Sponsored Major Research Project:

(12) DST INSPIRE Faculty Project

Project Title: Synthesis, Structure and Properties of New Porous Metal-Organic Coordination Networks (MOCNs) based on Designed Organic Ligands

Principal Investigator: Dr. Partha Mahata,Dept/ of Chemistry, Research Student: Mr. Debal Kanti Singha

Sanctioned Grant Amount: 35 lakh (7 lakh@Year), Duration: 2013-2018 (5 Years),Date of Commencement: 18/07/2013

(13) SERB (DST) Fast Track Project

Project Title: Uses of metal-organic network compounds as precursors for the formation of nano-sized ceramic oxides: Spinel and Perovskite

Principal Investigator: Dr. Partha Mahata, Dept.of Chemistry, Research Student: Mr. Debamalya Ghosh

Sanctioned Grant Amount: 21.6 lakh, Duration: 2014-2017 (3 Years), Date of Commencement: 03/07/2014

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