Parents Feedback

1. Is the College Staff helpful and co-operative during the admission process?

2. How would you rate the infrastructure of the College?

3. How do you rate the learning experience of your ward in the college?

4. How would you rate the resources provided to students by the college?

5. How would you judge the library and sports facility?

6. What is your assessment of the security arrangements and safety measures in the college?

7. What is your comment on the academic skills and knowledge of the college faculty?

8. Are you satisfied with the studies of your ward in the college?

9. Is your daughter/son satisfied with cleanliness of the infrastructure?

10. What would you say about the fests, events, and extra- curricular activities arranged by the college?

11. Does the college update you about the performance of your ward?

12. What is your assessment about the placements, internship opportunities provided by the college?

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